Can't Find the Drowning Rules

Hullo, folks,

I could have sworn that I saw rules to cover Drowning in the Core Book, but I can’t find them now and there’s no reference to it in the Index at the back.

Anyone? :slight_smile:


No answer for you, but I have to admit that my first impulse was to chuckle at the notion of having drowning rules on a mostly-desert planet. :smiley:

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That’s why Barsoomians are terrified of water!

Kaor, Finarvin, Isaac,

I know, it’s weird isn’t it?

That said, one does have the river Iss, the various canals, and the bodies of water in the south pole and such. (And any others that might be on Barsoom that I’ve forgotten about!) :slight_smile:

Anyway, hope someone else finds the reference to it, 'cause I sure can’t! :frowning:



I believe there arent any. However they oughta not be that difficult to manage… a lil asphyxiation consequence here, a bit of Daring there… let it simmer for bit… n voilá!


I asked Jack Norris about the matter in personal e-mail and heard back from him. Effectively, Drowning should be treated as a Danger, with difficulty to avoid, holding breath, etc. and then damage if you fail.

To be honest, I would have expected to find it in the Narrator Secrets under the Sea of Omean or the section on Swimming in the Core Book, page 62, but it’s not. I guess the First Born don’t drown as often as one might think…or perhaps they just don;t go swimming!


one can drown in under a pint of water…

One can borrow them from another 2d20 game…
Can’t get them from STA.,… I can’t find them there…

Conan’s is an increasing difficulty (rounds since last success, inclusive) task, taking difficulty physical on a fail, until wounded, then 1 wound a round.

Sounds pretty workable…

Kaor, Aramis,

Yeah, that sounds totally workable. I think I’ll improvise something along the lines of what Jack Norris suggested, using the Danger mechanics as the basics for this. Seems workable if I phase in a bit of the Conan mechanic as well.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


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