Help with talent in the Conan the Pirate book

When reading the Deck Rat talent, I understand that the difficulty reduction applies to environment difficulty modifiers inside the decks of a ship, but the description could also be understood as any space in which any environment difficulty modifiers could apply, for example inside a dungeon.
My question is, what interpretation is the correct one?, and, does this work with every environment condition and hazard, even if it is generated with doom?

The Deck Rat talent reads as follows:

Your training has left you accustomed to maneuvering in
the tight and claustrophobic environment below-decks,
whether moving quickly to extinguish a fire, defending your
ship from attacks, or pursuing victims while you ransack
their vessel. As such, you are never inconvenienced by
fighting in cramped or close quarters. Each rank in this
talent negates one additional step of Difficulty imposed by
the environment when attempting to act in such conditions.
This talent applies to any such conditions (darkness, lack of
room, etc.), as well as to any physical or perception-based
skills attempted.

The Talent description does not limit it’s application to shipboard environments at all.
It is for “any such conditions”, which could be in a cramped dungeon, in a cramped and dark attic, inside of a siege tower, etc.

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Wouldn’t that make this talent extremely overpowered?, I mean having this sentence in consideration:

“as well as to any physical or perception-based
skills attempte”

It implies that this acrobatic skill talent would make any character have the ability to fight in the dark or do observation tests without any difficulty increase, for example.

Only in “cramped quarters”. And that does not happen that offen - not even on a ship, as most fighting will occur on the upper decks, so the Talent wouldn’t apply.