Encumbrance and swimming

I’m planning on unceremoniously dropping my players into an underground river (ahem-a villain will do this, certainly not me). The core book explains how failing a swimming athletics test followed by resistance tests can lead to fatigue and eventually wounds. It doesn’t take encumbrance into account for swimming though. Any thoughts?

This is good question and there are few ways you can handle it. Whatever you decide, I would first ask what the character is carrying, does it try to dispose of any or all of the items and then decide the fate. In general, high encumbrance is causing fatigue, which reduces the Vigor and leads to unconsciousness.

  • If the character does not dispose of any items that prevent him to swim properly, I would add point of fatigue in addition to every failed athletic check during swim.
  • There is also a possibility to increase the difficulty of the check with 1 or more degrees depending on the situation
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Reread Encumbrance carefully…

Page 137 has this

This value — Brawn × 2 — is your character’s Encumbrance
Limit, and carrying more than that value means your character
is encumbered. An encumbered character accrues more
Fatigue in any situation where your character gains one or
more Fatigue (see page 97 for more about Fatigue).

Note that the page reference in the quote is bad; it’s 79 that has the fatigue rules.

Failed swimming checks can impose drowning. Note the following from p.127:

Failure inflicts Fatigue equal to the Difficulty of the
test, before further modifiers.

Combine the two:
A failed swimming test while fatigued below 3x brawn inflicts 1+difficulty fatigue. At more than 4x and up to 5x brawn, it’s 4+Difficulty fatigue for a fail.

That can be a pretty hefty penalty right there.

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wow! Yeah could be rough if one carries too much. But very fitting as well.

Yeah, it doesn’t make swimming harder, but if you fail, wow…

How does drowning and running out of air work?

For example, if I put my players in a under water tunnel and thers a risk of drowning?

Do you take stress if you fail a skill test and if you fail to many skill test and take enuff stress you receive a harm as usually?

Each round unconscious is a wound every turn, and so 5 (fewer if injured already) rounds later, Crom greets you…