Acrobatics Difficulty in Armor

So I ran my first real time, in person session of Conan for two players at a table. It went pretty well, and we’re eager for Session 2.

I’ve been reading through the book to identify what I missed. The book seems organized like my old school books of yore: rules tangle together, are interdependent, must be cross-referenced in radically different corners of the book. I find myself penciling many explanatory notes onto my GM screen.

The Acrobatics Skill says that Difficulty might increase due to Armor, but I find no explicit scenario or benchmark for this. The warning is reiterated in the section on Armor (once we read about Heavy Armor) but it seems to leave the penalty—if so desired—to the purview of the GM.

Have I been unable to locate the appropriate cross-reference? If not, and this ruling is entirely up to the GM, what do some of you recommend? Heavy Armor +D1, Very Heavy +D2?


I believe there are rules regarding increased difficulties of checks based on encumberance that apply to armor as well. That being said I usually apply simple modifier adjustments based on the category of armor similar to your suggestion.

You have this chart on p137 (about encumbrance) that will give you some benchmarks: encumbrance up to Brawn x2= no mod., up to Brawn x3= D+1, etc.

Heavy armor can cause fatigue when doing a lot of movement in it I believe


Yes the increased difficulty covers this as well