Struggles and difficulty

Im trying to understand how to determine the difficulty level when someone uses the defending reaction. What I can get from the book it sems that the difficulty level always is 1 for both the attacker and the defender?

It is 1 by default but like any test, you can adjust it to reflect the situation. For example, if a PC attacks a spearman (reach 3) with a dagger (reach 1), the difficulty of the attack is D3. If they give 2 Doom to the GM to create a hindrance, the defender will face a D2 on his or her Parry test.

Is it dark? Hard to see for the player compared to the thing they are fighting? +1D

Is it a cramped space they are trying to fight in? +1D


Core 96 has a guide about the kinds of things that might increase difficulty.

Aha ok, so the reach works i defendig reactions as whit attacks but both ways.