Reaction difficulties

I know you spend doom to react to an attack but if you react multiple times in a round does the difficulty go up just like if you take a second standard action?

The cost of the reaction goes up. The first one costs 1 Doom, the sencond one costs 2 Doom, etc. I’m still new to the system, but as I understand it players can react as many times as they are willing to spend Doom for. I didn’t increase the difficulty because I didn’t think that reactions are standard actions. Since you’re technically acting on someone esle’s turn you aren’t acting more than once per turn. Even if they are reacting twice to the same opponent, I would argue that spending 3 Doom to do it is a high enough price, it seems excessive to me to increase the difficulty on top of that.

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I think your interpretation is correct. That’s how I read it.

Yeah that’s what I thought as well. The doom cost is a good price to pay. Thanks.

The difficulty doesn’t increase but the gm can increase with doom or situationally, if he wants.

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