Brutal Reaction Talent Question

I was looking at Brutal Reaction about a week ago, and I was wondering if it is supposed to work the way it is written, or if there is a typo there, or if I’m just reading it wrong.

From the book, here’s how it’s worded:

When you suffer damage from a Melee attack, you can spend 2 Doom to make an immediate improvised Melee attack. This attack is a Daunting (D3) Melee test dealing your usual damage for an unarmed strike. As this attack doesn’t cost an Action, no Momentum can be carried forward. The attack either hits or misses. If you have 2 ranks of Brutal Reaction and the Riposte talent, Brutal Reaction is triggered on any Melee attack that hits, even if it doesn’t do damage.

So do I, as a player, spend two of the GM’s Doom? That’s not how we’re running it. The way we’re doing it, the GM gets two more Doom, and then the attack goes off. But I thought I’d ask y’all here just to be sure.

Thanks in advance!

That phrasing comes up a bit, but it just means the GM gets 2 doom. I think this is to make explicit that you can’t pay momentum for it. It has to be doom for the gm