Doom for Momentum

So tried my Conan adventure and had my first experience with the 2d20 system, which I loved from the start. But one question remains:
As far as I have understood, Doom and Momentum are quite interchangeable, meaning the players always can give me Doom to spent Momentum. But, is it also the other way around? Say, a player moves out of reach from a villain and I have no Doom, can I give them Momentum to get my baddie to retaliate.

Thx folks and keep on gaming.

Immediate momentum spends can be bought with Doom. The GM does not give players momentum for doom. The GM only gets what he generates and what the players give him.

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thx a lot!!

Also there are somethings that can only be preformed with by spending Momentum or only doom.
Like taking an additional standard action is only a momentum spend or Parrying is only a Doom spend.

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Very much appreciated. Looks like I get a hold on this! Thx for the help

has anybody found any Immediate Spends in books other than the core?