Questions on Reactions

  1. Doom must be payed in order to react, pooled Momentum cant be spent instead? Page 116 of the corebook mentions nothing about using Momentum but for the most part it seems to be interchangable with Doom payments.
  2. Must a reaction be declared before the attack is rolled? Can you wait until you see if an enemy would make a regular hit before you announce and then resolve the attack with a Defend struggle?

1.Reactions are spent in Doom not Momentum.

  1. Reaction is declared before the attack is rolled because it turns the attack into a Struggle.

That concurs with what I thought, thanks for the clarification.

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If you WANT to use momentum, I really don’t see a problem with that either. Maybe your players are the cautious type.

Using Momentum for reactions is a common enough house rule, and it’s not a huge change in practice.

Personally, I prefer keeping it as Doom only for reactions, because I feel that helps make it clearer that being outnumbered (the situation that’ll cause you to make multiple reactions in a turn) is a bad thing, even if you’re otherwise doing well. If I’ve got NPCs ganging up on a single PC, then I’ll normally use the Doom from one reaction to buy dice for the next NPC’s attack.


I agree and generally speaking only allow my players to use doom to pay for reactions.

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Allowing Momentum to be used for reactions reduced the possibility for the GM to generate Doom points and make the life of PCs more “interesting”, using this mechanics. If my players were allowed to use momentum instead of doom for reactions, the heavy “momentum-generators” would always keep the pool up and effectively reducing the amount of doom I receive.

Of course, nothing prevents me as GM to throw ■■■■■ at them anyway, but the Doom pool is nice way to surprise them so it does not look too orchestrated.

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If a PC is using both a dagger (or shield) with parrying and a sword with parrying do both of those count for reducing the doom cost of defend reactions? Or does only either one count and then you would need the Deflection Talent to get a second defend reaction for no Doom?

This actually comes up frequently, I’ve ruled that either one counts, not both.

Weapons with the Parrying quality don’t stack with one another - no matter how many you have, you still only get the benefit once - but they do stack with the deflection talent.

Thanks! That is the way we have been playing it.