Riposte, how does it work?

The Riposte talent pg 75 of the core book reads
The instant after an attack is the moment when the attacker is the most vulnerable. After successfully making a Defend Reaction using the Parry skill, you may immediately add 1 to Doom in order to make a Melee attack against the foe you just parried. Momentum remaining from the Parry Action may be carried over to this Melee attack.

I have a few questions about how this works?

  1. Does the person you are Riposting get to make a Defend Reaction or do they just have to eat it if you hit?

  2. Does this attack from Riposte count against the 2 Standard Action limit, Attack being a Standard Action. Also, does this Riposte’s Difficulty increase as if it’s a Swift Action?

  3. The last part of the Talent description says “Momentum remaining from the Parry Action may be carried over to this Melee attack.” My question about this is isn’t it just standard that Momentum from any action including Parry carry over to be used or am I missing something?

Thanks and I look forward to all replies.

Well this is my take on it. :slight_smile:

  1. He/She can defend as usual, since the Riposte is a free attack action separated from the parry.
  2. No, its a free action that you can Only use against the person that you are riposting - no one else. It does not increase the difficulty level (as fas as I have seen).
  3. I think they wrote that since the attack is a free action attack as oppose to the standard action. They just wanted to cover their bases I assume. :slight_smile:

After any Skill Test, you may save Momentum that you have generated but not spent into the Group Momentum Pool so that it can be used for subsequent Tests. However, the Group Pool has a limit of 6 Momentum which can be saved. The text you quoted means that all generated Momentum from the Parry Test carries over to the melee attack, so you potentially have much more Momentum to spend.


Some “official” answers were collected in this “unofficial” Faq
It also includes Riposte

This is what it says:

What about Riposte Talent? Is it part of that 2 Standard Actions limit?


Here is what Nathan Dowdell had to say on G+

It isn’t a standard action, mainly because it must specifically be a melee attack (it can’t be any other standard action); two standard actions is more powerful because they’re versatile.

And here is what Benn Graybeaton said about it on G+

It’s not a standard action as such, it’s a part of a parry reaction. Nothing in riposte alters the cost of the basic reaction either. So yeah you can melee attack once, swift strike once and riposte multiple times.

Just bear in mind that having multiple opponents face you is actually quite rare. Minions will form into mobs and make 1 unified attack rather than each take a swing.