PC Led Squad: Reactions Allowed?

I recognize that it is explicitly stated that Mobs and Toughened-led Squads do not get Reactions.

However, what about PC and/or Nemesis-led Squads?

Well, I dont see why you as the GM couldnĀ“t rule that they switch their attack for a reaction action. I know it isnĀ“t in the rules, but if it makes senseā€¦ :smile:

No reaction. But then the minions take the hit.


Thanks, folks!

Kind of what I thought but appreciate the confirmation.

Bonus to the PC (and, minions, really) of getting assistance dice. Down-side is a limit on Actions.

Only follow-up: I assume the PC can become join/depart the Squad at-will. Thereā€™s no formal Action required, correct?