Player Characters in Squads

I know how squads work, but how exactly does it work when player characters are part of a squad? I assume the PC is the squad leader.

Does it function like a normal NPC squad, i.e. does each squad member then add +1d20 to the leader’s rolls? Also, does the PC choose how damage to the squad is applied or is it automatically applied to the non-PC squad members first?

I would probably let the PC, in the role of the Squad Leader, make a Command test to be able to command the other squad members.

It functions as a squad normally does, with the PC as the leader. The rest of the squad assists the leader’s actions. As normal, attacks to the squad target and apply damage to the minions first, unless the attacker spends Momentum to pick out the leader in particular.

Are these “normal” assists? I.e. each squad member making a skill Test with 1d20 against a Difficulty, or does each squad member simply add 1d20 to the leader?

Each squad member rolls against their own target number and gives successes to the leader. This is how mobs and squads work anyway, but in a mob, every member of the mob is identical, so you don’t need to track which is the leader’s dice and which are assists.

Ah OK, that makes sense. Thanks.