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Minions, minions, minions n more minions!

Kaor fellow jasoomians!

More of a confirmation than a question per se, I was wondering if Minions oughta be treated as «one critter» as in Conan, or individuals, each rolling damage n receiving damage on its own?



I think it depends on whether the Minions are attacking charactrers one-on-one or if they’re attacking one individual character. In the former, use the regular combat rules; in the case of the latter use the Teamwork rule.

Also, remember that Minions don’t take damage. Any successful strike on a Minion takes them down, and various Talents allow the spending of Momentum to take additional Minions down.


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When I run it I will use teamwork groups to maximize the number of minions I can give the PCs to cut down while not making 4-5 attack rolls per PC. Every attack on a PC has the potential to do have a minion take out a PC. I prefer to avoid it.

Kaor, Werlynn,

Yeah, that’s the gist of it. If I’m throwing 35 Something minions at a group of 5 players, I don’t want to have to make all those attack and defense rolls for the minions. That said, most Minions shouldn’t be taking the player characters out unless that’s part of the plot. And if they are, that’s what the Blacking Out rules are for. :slight_smile:


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I had forgotten about the teamwork rules!