Minions upkeep/payment and whats the normal cost for hiring pcs?

a player of mine is building a sorcerer with command ( took all talents up to minions ) to get one or more minions to serve him as fighting men. How many minions can he get ? How much do they cost per upkeep ?

so far my decision would be ( as i couldnt find anything ) that he can get one minion per focus in command or for 3 focus points one toughened minion…

also i cant find how much a hired sword would cost…so in brigand its 2 gold a month for a dogbrother of average quality plus 1 gold for an sergeant…how much would i pay for a npc ? how much would a caravan pay for a player ? can anyone point me to a book or souce please ?

The number of minions is left up to the GMs discretion. Personally I like to have the PC build up their minions through RP. Maybe they hold a recruitment event in a local tavern and take all they can afford to pay. Maybe they build up their minion base little by little by creating bonds and building trust. There’s a lot of fun you can have with that. All that being said… you should also look at the Outlaw tree if you are looking for a frame of reference if you just want to allow him a base amount without the RP. They have a fairly well detailed system in place that you could adapt or simply have your PC work down that tree as well. Just my personal opinion though.

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