New to the system Necromancer

As the title states im new to the system. I’ve played D&D and im fairly familiar with the playstyle and i do enjoy this system that Conan is using.

Here’s the thing though. Im not sure if it’s the GM’s interpretation of my abilities as i use them or if they are really underwhelming when considering the cost of using them. My raised dead are being raised as lumbering undead when im thinking it would be moreso like some Jason and the argonauts type of skeletons. Also when you look at the sorcerer’s ability to raise it directs you to a template of a skeleton with a weaponset/armor Do these get magically added somehow or does my skeleton come into existance with nothing but what happens to be near him?

You are just using the core rule book and not the Book of Skelos, right?

The way I read it is that you summon a number of minion or toughened skeletons (depending upon momentum spent) that are defined in the monster section of the book. Now while not clear, I would rule that you must have bodies to raise, or be at a spot where there would be bodies such as a graveyard or site of an ancient battle. What the skeletons would come with (gear) would depend upon what they actually have. So if raised on a battle field they would have rusty weapons and shields, maybe even armor. If raised from a slain opponent, then whatever that opponent had. Even if they had nothing they are still scary and can use fear and their threaten attack.

Their true form (skeletons or zombies) would depend upon the state of the body, but the stats would be the same. It would just be flavor.

Im in full understanding of how the summon works as far as the required body. Moreso im interested in the idea of the “sentience” of the rased minion. Would they be lumbering and slow and stupid or would they be capable of reactions such as defense and actual improvised combat as such. I dont feel like a standard D&D zombie/skeleton is whats being summoned here. Im not magically animating it as more i’m reattaching a soul to it making it a person in itself. Am i wrong there?

I believe consulting the primary sources, the REH stories, will provide you with ample material to illuminate your doubts as to what type of undead is the hyborian standard.

If I’m not wrong, The Scarlet Citadel is a cool starting point - plus it’s main antagonist is a sorcerer, you can get a gist of how REH wrote 'em.

Zombies and Skeletons should be mindless. Per the beastiary, mindless creatures the don’t react. Maybe momentum spends can created greater undead, that have sentience?

Creatures can have the special ability “Brain-Dead” which basically means they are mindless and lumbering. But the Skeletal Warrior template does not have that. Also, you should be able to give them basic commands (like “attack that one!”)

If you summon undead as minions, they can’t do Reactions anyways. A toughened undead, however, can.

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But the Skeletal Warrior template does not have that.

Interesting. The entry specifically says “… restoring to it some semblance of memory.” I guess this line refers to the toughened variety.

A minion follows your commands and does everything a minion can do - including acting in line with your commands with a basic intelligence appropriate to the Intelligence Stat and abilities for the minion in question (as per the Core Rules etc.). Reactive defence (parry and dodge) are not possible for a minion, but absolutely fine for a toughened or nemesis undead.

If the undead in question has Brain Dead - this makes it ‘stupid’ in line with the description. if it doesn’t, then it uses it’s Intelligence without restriction. Nothing in the rules says otherwise.

Form and equipment, as has been stated, is as per the condition and incidentals of the raw material.