Raise the dead options

So, an evil wizard NPC in my campaign wants to raise his bodyguards, that the players have just killed, from the dead for a rematch. But it bothers me that these bodyguards are really no different or tougher as the undead then when they were alive. I was thinking of modifications to make them seem different and or tougher when they’re dead. Like having only harms to the head kill them. With perhaps harms to the limbs chopping limbs off. Any ideas?

Or maybe they can take six or seven harms to kill, four harms do not incapacitated them, and the difficulty to attack does not increase with harms.

How about keeping two harms to kill toughened undead but hits to limbs merely remove them? I like it but it might be too “Black Knight” if you can pick up the Python of a reference I am laying down here. :wink:

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Just a flesh wound…The Black Knights ALWAYS triumph…have at you!!

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I think it’s a good idea; players might see the reference but the tone of the scene would heavily depend on the description of the given. It can be goofy if the maimed bodyguard is seen as ridiculous and the whole scene is derided but handled well, the gamemaster can put an emphasis on the horror that stems from the loss of humanity, as the bodyguard keeps walking despite open wounds, not overcoming pain but seeming completely oblivious to the dilapidation of their body. If there is something of a human mind in this body, they are also likely to hate their new condition, as were the test subjects of Herbert West.

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Harms to the head only is a great idea. Actually wounds only is even better. Ignore mental attacks!