Idea from Conan comic. Need some help though . .

One of my PC’s had his left arm shattered in the adventure we just finished (Devils Under Green Stars). Upon getting back to safety and the carousing/healing phase, the arm had to be amputated. I immediately had the idea hit me - from the comic character Fenrir - to replace the arm with that of a ape/beast/demon. The player thought it was awesome - he just hasn’t seen the down side yet. If any of you remember the comic, the arm basically had a life of its own - attacking people while Fenrir had no control over it.
Here’s my quandary: I need stats and ideas for this thing and also a means of getting it to “stop” - short of cutting it off.
Hope I haven’t opened Pandora’s Box with this thing hahaha
Thanks in advance!

Have you checked out DC’s Claw?

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I am pretty new to the game and just now learning the rules, but I have some ideas to share. One thing you might do is have the arm take control when the character rolls a complication, and/or you can pay a few doom to make it act on it’s own out of the blue. The arm would then do something contrary to what the character is doing (throw a drink in the girl’s face, let go of the rope when hauling a party member up a cliff, strike someone during sensitive negotiations, etc). Keep this unpredictable, so the character always has to worry about the arm acting up. To get the arm back into control, the character would have to pass a Discipline test, perhaps a D1 at first, but increased to a D2 if he fails the first. roll. Either way, the arm would get at least one standard action when it takes control.


Have not, but definitely will. Thanks!

Great ideas!

In the Horrors book there are stats for both abominations and templates that you can apply to existing creatures. Several of these could lead to some fun if you tweaked them for just one arm :slight_smile:



This is an excellent answer. I would also thing about some role playing complications. I imagine whatever sorceror put it on there would demand more from the player than simple Gold. Also, what about the demon the arm came from? Want’s it back maybe? That, or the arm wants to carry out it’s own agenda?

Also, standard armor may no longer fit that arm, forcing custom jobs. As if he doesn’t bother with that, everyone can see freaky arm!

Of course, don’t make it so problematic that it’s no longer fun for the player.

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