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Hammer the War in 2d20

Ok, sorry for the lame joke in the title but anyone as tried to adapt the 2d20 system for Warhammer Fantasy?
I think it will work well with few changes but for magic. I have some doubt at how to modify the magic system for the player characters.

Any suggestion or prior experience?

Thank you for the help,


I think Conan, in particular, would work fine as a baseline.

The cultures and nations can easily be made to fit the Old World’s late medieval/early Renaissance setting. Magic would probably need a little work dependent on whether you’re going for a 1e or 2e vibe and you’d probably need to work up suitable mutations if you wanted that to be a thing.

Hello, thank you for the reply.
Yes, i’m using Conan as a base and it seems to work quite well for most things. Actually some changes i’m doing are more to suit my and my player tastes.

My major concern si that i’m not sure how to tackle magic. I want it to be a bit more dangerous but not too much.

Mutation i didn’t gave a though yet to be honest but i will when i’m donne with some other points.

For now i reworked how to create characters, xp cost for some advancements, adapted the money in a more traditional way but using a decimal system (the original in warhammer is not of my taste, i prefer the simplier 1 gold = 10 silver = 100 copper) and some minor changes on how to spend momentum.
I’ve adapted the recovery system for vigor and resolve from Infinity and i’m thinking if adapt the Harm system too.
Now i’m working on nonhuman races as elf and dwarf.

If anyone have any idea to suggest is welcome :slight_smile:

I’d keep the Conan Harms. The simple “1 wound causes +1D to all tests” is significantly simpler than Infinity, where there’s always a pause after causing a Harm where you go “well what outcome do we want to apply?”, and then apply Crippled because it’s mechanically better (it can’t be Absterged).

If you do go with Infinity Harms, then for Wounds I’d roll them randomly to ensure some of the more interesting ones get applied.

Infinity’s Psywar and Metanoia rules are more developed than Conan.

That’s a good point, having a table of harms can be fun and faster.
Maybe i can add talents or momentum spent to choose one instead of roll one.

What do you think?

Have a look at the art powers from Mutant Chronicles! Handle each of the winds of magic as talent trees, then handle each wind’s “Lore Bonus” as something that can be activated by spending momentum :slight_smile:

Missed this when you first posted it. Yes that’s a good Momentum spend. I may steal this.

As another suggestion: Have miscasts be handled by complications, with one complication being a minor effect, and then have a scaling list of effects for each additional complication rolled while casting the spell. Wizard’s can either “channel” the winds (spends their action charging the power, momentum generated on a channeling test carries over to the spell when they release it, successes generated on the channeling test reduces the difficulty of the spell by the number of successes generated on the channeling test), thus taking longer to cast the spell, but with limited risk of a miscast. Reckless/Instant Casting Increases the complication range by the difficulty of the Spell.

Each Complication rolled when attempting to channel the winds or cast a spell causes the Caster to take a point of resolve damage and additional Miscast effects as described below:

1 Vertigo: The Wizard is Dazed
2 Nauseated: The Wizard is Staggered
3 Arcane Backlash: The Wizard is Perplexed
4+ Power unchecked: The Wizard - and all characters within close range of him - Suffer 1 Point of Vigor Damage for every Complication rolled, and a condition appropriate to the Lore of the Spell the Wizard was attempting to cast:

Lore of Shadows: The Grey Wind runs amok, clouding the minds of the Wizard and all caught in the wake of his fumbled spell. The Wizard and all characters within Close Range are Perplexed
Lore of Life: They Jade Wind caused unchecked growth to rumble across the battlefield, entangling everyone around them in vines and thick roots. The wizard and all characters within close range of them are Hindered until the beginning of the Wizard’s next turn
Lore of Fire: The flames of Aqshy pour forth from the Wizard in a horrific firestorm. The Spellcaster, and all characters within Medium Range of them suffer the Burning 1 Condition. Additional complications after the fourth increase the rank of the Burning Condition by 1 per Complication.
Lore of Light: The White Wind causes the Wizard to become a beacon of blinding light. The Wizard, and all characters within long range who can see them, are Blinded until the end of their next turn.
Lore of Death: The purple wind saps the vitality of everyone caught in it’s wake. The Wizard and all characters within Medium Range of the wizard are staggered and dazed, and any characters reduced to zero vigor by Power Unchecked are slain instantly.
Lore of Heavens: The Heavens punish the Wizard for daring to pull at the strands of Fate. The Wizard and his allies each immediately lose a point of fortune.
Lore of Metal: The Golden Wind alters the casters form, transmuting flesh into metal. If the Wizard is reduced to 0 Vigor by this spell, they are transformed into a lead statue, slaying them instantly.
Lore of Beasts: The Wizards mind is reduced to that of a jibbering beast. The Wizard can’t cast spells, activate magic items, understand language, or communicate in any intelligible way. They can, however, identify friends, follow them, and even protect them. This lasts until the end of the Wizard’s next turn.

The Wizard only suffers from the effects of one Miscast result at a time and Complications rolled on spellcasting only cause the unique effects above, rather than generating Doom or other consequences.

In addition the above I’m happy to compile a google document with each of the winds of magic as a separate talent tree and the speficics of spellcasting :slight_smile:

You can probably get this to work by making Casting a Complex Skill Test with +X Complication range. Where X = how many dice you’re rolling above 2.

Throwing lots of dice at it will get it done quickly but it’s likely to cause more complications, whereas throwing a relatively low number of dice at it will get the spell cast but will take time.

So say a “Complex D1, 2 Momentum” for an average spell. A competent wizard can get that done fairly easily in a single action either by spending banked Momentum or by risking a complication by paying Doom to get more dice.

You can probably set it up so that each ‘level’ of the Winds of Magic tree has a standard Momentum cost to make it a little easier to remember. Perhaps 2,3,4 Momentum cost: that positions the spells as - very roughly - 2, 3 or 4 Standard Actions to complete under normal conditions with not pre-banked Momentum, which seems about right.

It also means that using minions to assist you in casting, or similar is mechanically effective as it allows you to roll additional dice without increasing the Complication range. Which fits the WFB magic system where channelling Winds of Magic is hard for an individual.

Overall, this would result in a slightly more ‘combat’ useful magic system than Conan. But still less “expend spell slot, receive bacon” of DND. Which feels right: WFB wizards don’ts fire off Magic Missiles every round if they want to stay sane.

I was actually going to have spell cards for each of the different spells, like Art Powers in mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition. Each of the Winds has a talent tree, advancing along the talent tree of a wind of Magic provides access to more advanced spells within that Lore: Each spell has a difficulty (and it’s own unique momentum spends, such as changing a spell from concentration to a fixed duration etcetera) and that difficulty increases the complication range of the spell, you can instead channel to reduce the base difficulty of casting a spell (hence reducing the complication range, making the spell take longer to cast but also making it safer) at the cost of not being able to do anything else on your turn. If you’re concentrating on a spell while casting another spell, that increases the complication range again! I’ve a google doc laying out the rules but have yet to delve into talent trees for each of the winds of magic if you have something like Discord I’d be happy to share it with you! :slight_smile:

As for sanity, that’s not so much an issue in WHFB, but blowing yourself up is. Sanity shattering power is very much the domain of 40k