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Infinity adaptations for Conan

I’ve read a few recent threads about various topics in which people have said they have adapted some Infinity rule or other for use in 2d20 Conan. One example of this is the recent discussion of Social Combat and its effects. I’ve only just started reading the Infinity CRB and immediately realise that it is quite a bit more comprehensive than Conan. So I was wondering if people might post here any or all the rules they regularly use or have modified for use in the Hyborian setting.

I use the social combat rules from Infinity for my Conan games, and I often use the “alternative Harm” rules suggested for Conan, but made much clearer in Infinity for Wound effects etc.

Then there are the Infinity Stealth rules with stealth state tests, which are great for a thievery adventure in Conan.

I was considering using the recovery rules from Infinity for Conan, too, as the restriction of only being able to fully heal Wounds and Trauma during a dedicated Downtime phase sometimes is awkward and not easily justified in the flow of time in an ongoing campaign. - Conan 2d20 assumes you are playing in a very strict episodic manner, while the Infinity recovery rules take into account the more natural flow of time depending on the severity of the Harms.

I am careful not to “overburden” a more lighter Conan 2d20 game with all those subsystems Infinity offers. Infinity is much more fine-grained and detailed, especially regarding the equipment qualities, than I think would fit for a Conan game.

I had the exact same thoughts, those are they parts of the Infinity rules I’m using for my Conan campaign. I don’t use them all the time at full effect, though, only when it seems like it would add something to a scene.
As for the healing rules, I adopted those to my Conan campaign for exactly the same reason, to make a more freeflowing campaign possible. I still offer the possibility to simply pay for healing during the carousing phase, but if such a phase is not feasible during that point in the adventure, there is at least a chance to heal Wounds.
However, since there is no advanced medicine in Conan, in my campaign you need some kind of magical element in the healing to heal at the speed used in Inifinty, since my group prefers a “more magic” fantasy approach, so there are more Sorcerers and less dark aaspects to the use of magic (also a lot of homebrew spells). I intentionally do not have “healing spells” per se, but a Sorcerer using the “Dismember” alternate effect “The Mortal Clay” can assist someone with the Healing skill to reach healing speeds as detailed in Infinity.