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New Conan Complications

Just working on something and trying to recover from second covid shot. (Just flu like aches and pains here.) I thought it would be neat to brainstorm more complications. I stopped at 15 of them and I look forward to using them for when I can not think of something on the fly or players bombard me with multiple high rolls of 20 round after round!

I’ve used the ones from StarshipsandSteel for a while now and noticed my players don’t really like the multiple weapon breakages in their list so I thought about making my own.

If anyone wants to add to the list please reply below and we could do a community effort though having about 30 should be more than enough. Once finished I’ll try to add them all to a set of master sheets so they can be more easily printed out on card stock.

New Conan Complications

Try to keep to the format with the title and flavorful text at the top & what one rolled complication would mean then what two would do.

Edit: Finally got the number of complications up to 20 and prettified the cards with Clipart!

For years, I’ve been using the advice from this blog post (about Fate Accelerated, but transferable to 2d20) as guidance for creating complications and handling success at cost.


That is a good blog and it is going into what I was trying to do and have complications while making the characters and their opponents look competent and not have a fight spiral down into a comedy of errors.

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