Complication list

I was wondering if anyone has put together a complication list based on skills they used.

We created a Complications list. Here is our Complications.

01-35 Minor Slip/Faux Pas: GM receives 2 Doom.
36-65 Major Slip/Faux Pas: Weapon knocked from hand (1 to 10 feet away) or other handicap.
66-85 Off Balance/Gaffe: Off Balanced/Staggered Condition
86-90 Bad Luck/Klutz: Knocked Prone
91-95 Grievous Mishap/Blunder: Knocked Prone + Dazed.
96-100 The Fates Conspire: Knocked Prone + Dazed + Weapon Breaks or other grievous effect.

This was just us trying to come up with something a bit more controlled rather than the same thing over again.

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Yeah, for me a Complication in combat kept suggesting to me weapon stuck or dropped. I’m getting better at it now, but, if I can’t think of anything good, I just take the Doom.

One part of the Rulebook suggests that Complications are just about innocuous, but I had a minor epiphany when I realized it basically results in this:

2 Doom or
2# damage + Effect or
D2 Minor Action to Clear

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By the way, because so many dice are rolled in Conan. We found complications occurred often so we House ruled that a Focus roll would negate a single complication. This makes the complications a bit more rare especially for the melee or ranged fighters as they usually have pretty high Focus bonuses.

Any list is welcomed for inspiration but what I intend to do is making a couple of examples for each important scene of a scenario just in case.