Complications? What to do?

I put together a set of complication cards you can use to help you figure out ways to make your PCs lives more interesting in Conan 2d20!

You can find a link to them in my latest blog post on the matter!

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Very nice! I always struggle with coming up with a good complication on the spot. This will really help.

The real struggle will be a set of non-combat complications. :smiley:

This is awesome! This will definitely improve the game during combat. I might create rolllable tables in Fantasy Grounds, so the players can’t hold me responsible for the misery the dice brought upon them! :slight_smile:

On the cards, I see something weird - the weapon takes damage. If i recall, the weapons don’t have hit points?

It is true that weapons don’t have hp however there are mechanics in game for them to be broken. For instance armor can be sacrificed to prevent dmg etc.

I don’t have the books with me, but can you confirm where in the core book this is? :open_mouth:
For the armor I know, it is quite used in my games when things go wild on the damage, but for the weapons I don’t recall. I have used so far broken weapons on complications, but that’s about it.

You can use the Fragile weapon quality as a basis for how weapons could be damaged - each time a weapon gets damaged, reduce its damage by 1 die, if it gets reduced to 0 dice, then it’s broken entirely.

On the wider subject of complications in any 2d20 System game, I’ve started taking inspiration from the risks found in this blog post, as they cover a lot of possible complications.

Fantastic stuffs! I have session tonight and I am full of fresh ideas for complications and rollable tables in Fantasy Grounds!!! :smiley:

I’m a couple days late but Nathan said it best. Personally I’ve let players break their weapons to avoid complications the same way you can break armor to avoid wounds. It is a bit of a homebrew but feels like a natural extension to the item mechanics in game.

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i see nothing wrong with this- i prefer the idea of Nathan’s…player rolls a complication- reduce damage die by one for each complication…(another way to bring skills such as craft into the spotlight during fights) also ties into the image of the warrior sharpening his weapon around the fire at night- sharpening the ‘dulled edge’ of his blade brought about by complications.

Saw the ‘cards’ Nathan linked too…some good ideas but still need some adjustments and re-wording for mine…gave me some good ideas though- so thanks.

I’d just rule Complication causes weapon to be dulled, -1 damage dice until its sharpened again. -1 damage die per Complication reduces it to pure mechanics and strips out the narrative element, IMO.

I’ve used a list of complications that I choose from as needed, and added to it from Keith’s cards, and will use the Risk blog post to enlarge it even more. If I polish it up a bit perhaps I’ll post it here .

I like the idea but I would limit the number of possible complications to 13 so LIVE gamers could use a deck of playing cards as their random draw. I may use this myself but reduce to 13 possible complications.

I just take 2 Doom for Non-Combat complications.