Conditions and effects Game Cards

I’m in the process of creating game cards.|Cards - Single.pdf (2.3 MB)
The First once I’ve completed are those of the conditions and effects.
Next I’m working on weapon cards.
Print them out ad then put them in a card sleve.
Tell me what you think of them


Good idea. - If you include Fatigue, you should include Despair, too.

Thx I will look into it.

Added Despair and the file is updated.

Oh man, these are really nice, and a very cool idea! I can see these coming in handy at the table, when Big Brother says I can play at a table again… :laughing:

One thought, these should be accompanied by counters, for conditions that come with a quantity (points of Fatigue/Despair, Incediary X, number of effects rolled for Staggered, etc.).

Honestly I think my favorite thing is that they cite the rules text on the back. Well done! This saves us time flipping through the book. Would buy.

Thanks this replaces my crappy screenshot version :slight_smile:

Here you can find the latest version of my cards.
Cards - Single.pdf (2.9 MB)
I also inceased the font size for several cards and included a card for Guard and lost broken Guard.
Have fun with them.


Thanks so much.