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Made Conan Printable NPC Cards

I play D&D with monster cards and find them to quite useful and I did not see any for for Conan so I made a quick template to make some. The template was made in MS Publisher but I do not know what other programs can read those file. I use the The Pit of Kutallu NPC toto create and example since those are free to the public. Then Templates are in 3x5 & 2.5x3.5 sizes. The 2.5x3.5 are not that useful, but they would work on simple NPCs. Just thought some one else may like to try them out.


Very cool! Are there editable versions?

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No but I will do an update of the pdf. I was think it would be easier to do in publisher but I can see some people not having access to those. Also I made some that are foldable for more info. Give me a day or two and I will update them.

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Nice! Thanks for the hard work!

Thank you for sharing! I’ll definitely be using these.

added the form fillable PDF. The second page is the “big” after I print them fold them in half and use a glue stick to make it card. I did not do the 2x3 cards as form fillable, thats a lot of text boxes.


Outstanding! Bravo!

Surely you do Mitra’s work! The form fillable ones will let me get all the official stats AND fan created ones I like and save a ton of printer ink in the process. Thanks!