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Foe or NPC Encounter Template

Hello Doom Masters,

I created this polished version of the Encounters table for my own use in scenario creation, and thought someone else might like it too. This is a table to fill out for creating your own custom NPCs and monsters. I did the best I could with Google Docs and an eyeball to approximate the colors, fonts and formatting in the rulebooks. It doesn’t look exactly like it came from the book, but it’s fairly close.

Here is a .pdf version for those of you who have the ability to edit those (this site does not allow .docx files to be uploaded). Below that is a link to the file on Google Docs so you can make a copy and edit to your pleasure.

Conan 2d20 Encounter Template (3).pdf (69.8 KB)


Awesome! Thanks a bunch!

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Thank you!

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