Ron Pearlman Miniature because “War never changes”

So, as a fan of the series since before Fallout’s original release. I’d like to see the only person who has been involved in all the major games get a model.

The man who has said War never changes for 21 years has to get a Miniature…

So guys, which faction would he be?

My money is on raiders.


I’m on board for this. I think it would be a great idea. Do him as a Raider or a News Announcer, either one.

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I think he’s be more of the mysterious stranger type…a lone traveller,like a post apocalyptic Caine in Kung Fu😃

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I think the Mysterious Stranger type too… but no matter what, he should be a real beast of a character…

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The more I think about it, I think a Raider style model would work well for him. Just look at the kinds of parts he plays in movies.

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Honestly, the purist in me would like his model to have a shaved head and be dressed as Butch Harris from Fallout 1 for the Survivors.


i would go for a raider version of pearlman basically model it of clay morrow from sons of anarchy but with the classic madmax one armed leather jacket and some bits of fallout 4 style leather armor in a couple places

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I think cage armour would look cool on what you describe

Could also do him in those classic Mad Max leathers. Then let players use him with their choice of Survivors or Raiders factions.

on that note if modiphius does ever go the plastic multipart kit of raiders they could alway include a Ron Pearlman inspired head then we could even use that in a nice set of power Armour as well :slight_smile:

This is true.

I’d love to see them to box sets where you can mix and match. 6-10 torsos, same for legs, double whatever that is for the heads and arms (Gives us more options for how we want to kit our raiders and such). Then toss in a bit of random scatter we can use with our basing or elsewhere.

If they were going to do something like that, they could do one box for each type of model even (For brotherhood of steel, Duo box for Paladins, two torsos, 3-4 leg sets, two helmeted heads and maybe two not in helmet, then about 4 arm configurations. Once we mix and match there’s going to be a lot of variety. Then there’s the Knight Patrol, Lancers, Scribes, . . . all of which could come with four torsos, twice that many heads and arm options, six legs, etc etc.)

The sprues where you could mix and match to build your own models is one of the things I really liked about the Warhammer stuff (I was into Warhammer back in 6th edition and early 7th, not sure if it’s changed since then,) and I think it would be a really good fit for this game.

I can see it already in a Rom Pearlman head became available for models in the game. On someone’s game table: You’ll have a suit and tie Rom Pearlman with the survivors, facing off against a Rom Pearlman led group of raiders, with Rom Pearlman in T-60 Power armor for the Brotherhood of Steel, and a group of Super Mutants with their leader sporting a Rom Pearlman head hanging from their hip, . . .


oh yhea a good way of tooling it for modiphius as i know casting plastic in metal molds are super expensive(anywhere from 10k to 200k per mold), is that in a game like fallout there isn’t much truly exclusive armor, for the most part anyone can get there hands on leather armor, combat armor, metal armor, even power armor to a lesser degree so it could easily be sold as a leather armor set with a couple extra bits to make them look more raider or settler, same goes for combat armor and metal armor that way there is no need to reinvent the wheel for something that is more or less the same. plus if you have two sets you can mix and match armor pieces like how in the game you might have leather arm pieces but a metal chest armor piece while at the same time wherein a combat helmet

I think they’ve expressed a willingness to do that kind of casting through if there’s enough interest in it.

Just look at the X-01 they have planned. One core item with three heads. I have every intention of getting three of those, then do one model with each head on them. And I’m sure I’m not the only person who has thought that.

I think that a set for raider, settlers, mercenaries, etc would be the way to go with it, even with the bits to add armor, it both gives us a better range of models to work with, and it allows the whole kit to be geared a bit more toward one faction or the other. A raider’s set could cater to the leathers and piecemeal stuff you commonly see with them, settlers could have more standard clothing options, and mercenaries could cater to the combat armor and such. Then it’s like you say, people could mix and match as they see fit.

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Only committing thread necromancy because the site prompted me to do so. Otherwise I was planning to start a fresh thread for this.

So here’s where I’m at on things:

I have everything I need to create a Ron Pearlman figure. I plan to do him as a Raider. and will likely do him up as a custom figure, likely with some custom rules even (I want to do a skill called “War, War never changes.” to give some kind of bonus to nearby allies.)

So, what I’m working with: There’s a company I bought a few items from recently who has models you build yourself. Basically, you have legs, torso, arms, legs, and weapons, and it’s all done so you can mix and match pieces to create the models you want. They have a head set based off of Sons of Anarchy, so I picked up items to build Ron Pearlman. Basically stick him in a leather jacket and paint him up like a raider. Considering the weapons I have available, I intend to give him a shotgun simply because I figure that will “Look” the part, along with a knife on his hip. I’m thinking about doing the ground up so it looks like the remnants of a sidewalk or street. Then I have a little radio that’s very similar to the ones in Fallout 4 that I was thinking I would place on the base (Maybe on some form of stand, but not sure exactly what yet.)

Now, the reason I decided to post is to see what people think?

What weapon(s) do you see as most appropriate for the model (I have a set of the weapons sold by Modiphius, I also have a sniper rifle, shotguns, pistols, baseball bats, uzies, rifles, and some other weapon choices available through other vendors)

Ideas for how to do the base would be VERY welcome as that’s the area I am most indecisive. I know I want to do the radio as a nod to the fact that he’s narrated much of the game series (Only one he hasn’t narrated was Brotherhood of Steel if I remember correctly.) I’ve even thought about adding a xenomorph head to the base since I have quite a few of those from another game I collect. It’s crossed my mind to add a copy of the Grognak: Jungle of the Bat Babies to the base as a Hellboy reference of sorts, or even going so far as to add an actual Hellboy comic cover to the base. But all of that said, only the Radio is something I feel really strongly about including. (Maybe just the radio among a patch of rocky ground? Keep it simple?)

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas? I’d love some feedback.

Definetly wielding a shotgun.
Id say go with the radio idea, put it on a small stool and have the ground covered in comics. Grognak, hellboy and maybe even some of the original fallout posters.

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That’s pretty close to what I started making yesterday. I had some of those TTCombatfile boxes that I painted up as a comic box, then that comic box is going to be used as a stand for the radio. Toss a few comics in for show and that’s what I’m running with. :wink:

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