Future models query

As a massive fan of the NCR rangers and fallout: new Vegas in general, I would love to see some of its factions worked into wasteland warefare. Is this something we might see in the future?

Mainly curious because I can imagine that Obsidians role as the developer may make licensing more difficult. I have seen a few people claiming that new vegas content won’t be including at all in the future, but I cant find any official word from Modiphius that rules it out completely

I’m under the impression that New Vegas isn’t currently on the table because of all the licensing issues surrounding it.

I think Ceasor’s Legion and the NCR would make great factions in the game, and who wouldn’t want a dozen or so Securitrons? Boomers would be a fun group to build a force around. Great Kahns would be interesting. The Kings, . . . . because who wouldn’t want to field a few Elvis impersonators in their survivor’s army?

Yeah, the game has a ton of potential for the tabletop with a huge range of possible content, and of the newer games it’s got the story I enjoyed the best (Fallout 2 is still my favorite.) Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t be seeing anything for a while on this front, if at all.

Yeah, that’s kinda what i figured. I’m just hoping it’s not off the table completely, even if it is years down the track. If it is, well, I can always just heavily modify a few models into ncr look-alikes and use the general survivors rules for them.

Last I heard, it’s Bethesdas decision and they are more likely to allow modiphius to use the FONV license the better FOWW sells. So let’s all hope it does great :slight_smile:

Some of the things in New Vegas could make it into the game because they were in earlier Fallout games.

For example: The NCR’s first appearance was in Fallout 2.

I saw a post somewhere, where it waswas said that for the moment it was a no go, but they also made it sound like if the this game did well it might be insentive to make it work out at some point. Wish i could find the post.

It would not be Bethesda as much as obsidian studios. Modiphius would have negotiate with both studios to produce unique IP that was in new Vegas, and with how Bethesda and obsidian are in conflict the chances of that are extremely limited. I am sure enough money could solve the problem, but that would increase cost of fww beyond what could be marketable.

'eh; I’d treat the King’s as more of an OpFor, actually :slight_smile: I personally found it and them irritating.