NCR as a faction

Okay, because I feel it needs to be asked, do we know if they can do an NCR faction? I really want to see an NCR ranger miniature. However, I fear that issues with licensing might mean that they cannot use anything from New Vegas.

They are already making Frank from Fallout 2 and the NCR is in fallout 2 as well so should be at least possible.

Modiphius doesn’t have the rights to New Vegas. While they can make some NCR, they can’t make the NCR we all want. They have stated that if the game sells well (and with how chaotic the release has been, I’m sure it is), they will try to get the rights. For now we just have the mainline games and the unlikely side games such as FO: Tactics and Brotherhood of steel.

In short, expect the Mid-Western Brotherhood before the NCR or Legion

The rights are owned by Bethesda ultimately (as all fallout is) and FO NV was produced under licence for Bethesda, hopefully it’s just an option they haven’t exercise.

I’m hoping they can get it. NCR was in Fallout 2 but it was New Vegas that really fleshed them out.

NV ended up being my favorite game in the series. I’d gladly buy everything based off of it.

I always liked the first two games in the series best, though I’ve loved the whole series. New Vegas was very much a gem among the newer games in the series.

Honestly, I think they could get a faction started with what is available from Fallout 2. Both the regular NCR army and the Rangers to a small degree were present in Fallout 2. The licensing related to New Vegas would hang up some of the named characters, and perhaps the style of armor the rangers wear in NV, but that still leaves quite a bit of room to build an army for them.

It may be a case where they can base the early content off of Fallout 2, then use the interest in the faction as leverage when talking to Bethesda about letting them draw on at least the armor style for the rangers moving forward?

I sincerely hope that they do the NCR, but I guess only time will tell. To me, major factions that still make sense include: Raiders (Coming with next wave), Enclave (Announced for 3rd wave?), NCR, Institute (Announced for?), and Ceasar’s Legion.

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Institute haven’t been named in a wave, but the digital sculpts are done

ultimately as long as wasteland warfare is a success and is bringing in a good payday for both modiphius and Bethesda i can see all factions and creatures being explored as long as there is demand for them as to when we get what, that is anyones guess.