Rolling an Effect

Solo playing “Vultures of Shem” as a teaching tool and right at the start ran into a question. The section on Looting on page 363 indicates an Observation roll to determine if any loot is found. Its states that success generates 1G with a roll on the table per Effect. What Effect? Effects are rolled on damage dice right? This is a straight up d20x2 roll against Observation or Unskilled Awareness. Do they mean a roll on the chart per Momentum?

For each successful attempt you need to roll 1 Combat Die (indicated by the phoenix symbol). The numeric value then indicates the amount of gold looted. Additionally, each effect rolled means you roll on the loot table with a d20.

So the steps are as follows:

  • Roll an Observation test
  • If successful, roll 1 Combat Die (or maybe more depending on the Momentum spend)
  • If the Combat Die rolled 1 Effect, roll on the loot table with 1d20
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Oh ok, wow somehow I missed that completely. Thats the case anytime you see the Phoenix symbol with the instruction to make a skill roll? Thanks!

Yes; that symbol always means combat dice, sometimes with a number in front of it, indicating the number of dice. And the “zero” results still apply in non-combat situations.