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A card deck for Conan 2d20 Action Scene Momentum Spends

I put together a deck of cards for Action Scene momentum spends in Conan 2d20.

You can find it here:


If you allow for a feedback on the cards: I suggest to make the actual text that describes effect of the spend the focal point of the card and move the icons below in line to show the amount of momentum required to activate. I also think that it might be better to use the icons with the Phoenix, rather than damage-looking one.

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I always allow for feedback.

Phoenix is the representation of damage dice in the game, not momentum. It is also on fortune tokens.
I had it that way, but wanted to use the phoenix as damage elsewhere, so switched it.

As for the the focal point. I also had it that way and switched it. I don’t want how the mechanic is resolved to be the focus, I want the title and the cost to be the focus.

Just from looking at the sample card in the post (not the full PDF) those symbols feel like a bit of wasted space.

I’ve found most players pick up the Momentum spends after a session or two and don’t need any references, would these be more for convention games?

Certainly be useful for players who are new to the system. I can also see them being useful for people who don’t play that much.

I am working on a more narrative set as well, which I hope will be fun and inspire players to be more than “I spend a momentum to re-roll my damage.”

@Valyar Few changes to the cards. Changed the symbols to hopefully feel more momentumy without using a “phoenix” or similar.

Added more focus to the effects as well, while maintaining the overall design (not sold on what I have herem but the idea I like). These cards are designed to be smaller than a poker card as well (about 1/2 the size)

@ogedei I really like the new design, definitely provides the most important information - the cost and the effect of the momentum spend :slight_smile:
The outline, skull-white background and the font are spot on.

I changed it to BLOOOD!!!

Maybe put a number in the symbol denoting cost. I personally understand what is meant but newer players might find it confusing.

I think that will get more confusing when a card has two gems on it.

I love the blood :smiley:

Not if you put a 1 on each gem or a number two between them. It’s just a suggestion though.

I guess I am not seeing what that adds to it? In context the cards all have a number of gems shown below “cost” most people use some kind of token for momentum.

We don’t have both a set of pips and a numeral on a six sided die.

My thought is this. When you look at a six sided die the pips are inherently representative of a number. Because of copyrights etc you can’t use a symbol that would immediately scream momentum. This could potentially lead to someone looking at the cards in question and not immediately understand what they stand for. This is why I was suggesting adding a number to the card to help clarify that. I understand that all the cards have that a number of gems to denote cost. Maybe it is just the separation of the two. I love the idea I just think that it is still a little confusing as it is presented and I am trying to offer suggestions to make it less so.