Weapon qualities

I have a question about the vicious weapon qualite, it says in the core book on page 154 “An attack whit this quality inflicts X additional damage for each effect rolled”.

I asume that if you roll 2 effects you get 4 in total damge instead of just 2 in total damge?

How are you guys interpeting it?

A normal Effect die is 1 point. With Vicious 1 it becomes 2 points. So two effects with Vicious 1 become 4 points instead of two.

As Stokar said - Vicious adds 1 damage for each effect rolled on the combat dice.

Thanks for the help! :crossed_swords:

And if you had vicious 2 the effect rolls would be 3 damage each for 6 damage. They are using “x” to represent a changeable variable.