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Vicious X vs Pious X

According to rules Pious (X) is only thematic and weaker version from Vicious (X), or am I missing something?

The way I read it is that pious is ”holy” damage and only affects the dark symmetry creatures/people. So pious 1 and vicious 1 on a sword will do 3 damage per effect.

Hmmm…ok. Where it says that will do more damage?

No, only 2 damage. - MC3 uses damage dice where an Effect does not automatically include +1 damage, which was introduced with the Conan RPG.

Pious x
The weapon has been crafted to face the forces of Darkness. It counts as Vicious X when its victim is a Heretic or creature of the Dark Legion

This establishes that Pious is treated like Vicious against Heretics or creatures of the Dark Legion.

viCious x
A weapon with the Vicious quality deals X additional damage for each Dark Symmetry Icon generated.

And here is the additional damage for each Dark Symmetry icon.

A weapon with Vicious 1 and Pious 1 deals +1 damage on each Dark Symmetry Icon rolled against “normal” opponents, but acts as Vicious 2, dealing +2 damage on each DS Icon against Heretics and creatures of the Dark Legion.

I stand corrected, it’s been a while since I’ve played M.C. But now the time has come to pick it up again!

Ok…so Vicious causes damage to all monsters (no matter what kind of opponent?). And Pious is only against dark legion. I am just trying to understand why Pious exists? Why not use only Vicious quality in rules.

To make weapons that are specifically aimed at the legion.

Remember MC is all about flair, not efficiency.