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Questions about supernatural attributes

How do supernatural Attributes work exactly. In combat I have always just rolled 2d20 and counted the added X to damage as though it was the momentum generated. Non combat tests actually have extra successes allowing supernaturally fast completions or the like.

The big questions though are

1: Is this combat example above right?

2: How do supernatural attributes work with slave to symmetry. is every melee attack a Razide makes generating 4 extra successes and thus adding x symmetry to the pool?

3: Also if a Razide gets 4 automatic successes then can he never miss?

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Okay, so what happens with Supernatural Attribute (X) is that whenever something with it makes a Test (which includes combat, so Supernatural Agility X adds to Close Combat Tests to attack and parry and Acrobatics Tests to dodge), it adds the X number towards the success pool on top of whatever it rolled with it’s D20s, so they could succeed despite rolling no successes. As well, Supernatural Strength and Awareness adds static damage equal to X, so a Razide’s Supernatural Strength 4 adds +4 damage on top of any melee damage they do.

As far as how Slave To Symmetry (X) works, it gives a Dark Symmetry Point to the pool whenever something with it spends (X) amount of Momentum. As for the Razide making a CC attack, Close Combat Tests are mainly tied to Agility, not Strength, so if the Razide is using Strength for it’s CC attacks something strange is happening with it.

So as an example if the Razide in question made an Athletics Test to rip down a door (D2, since it’s tough solid wood), it’d auto generate 4 successes from Supernatural Strength and then it rolled 1 success with it’s 2D20, therefore generating 5 successes, and would be able to spend 3 Momentum, which it spends all of and then creates 1 DSP thanks to it’s Slave to Symmetry 2. It could have made 2 DSP if it had gotten 6 successes instead and spent 4 Momentum, but it didn’t because the dice hated it.


Thank you for your insight. I have taken so long to respond because I have been trying to figure out where we went so wrong. Near as I can figure it, the problem started when we took the Razides attack and had someone try to parry it. somehow we ended up with strength vs CC instead of CC vs CC. I blame it on 20+ years of D&D where all CC is Str based. Anyway thank you for your assistance and explaining Supernatural Attributes.

IIRC it does say somewhere for skills that the Attribute they are tied to are what is generally used for making tests with those skills, but there are exceptions. The main one I can remember right now is using Intelligence with the combat skills for recognizing what kind of a weapon is being used if you can’t see it or don’t immediately recognize it.