Attribute Challenges - Momentum or Successes

On page 51 of the core rules, the description of Attribute Challenges says that you have to build Momentum. Momentum is successes OVER the minimum required for the test. If a test has a difficulty of 2, you’d have to score at least 3 successes per test in order to score any Momentum. Is that right? Shouldn’t it be successes AND momentum? If I rolled against difficulty 2 and scored 3 successes, shouldn’t that count towards three of the threshold, instead of just the one momentum? It seems a bit… severe, imo. Just wondering. Thanks!


Hi Tim,

In actual play you’ll find that you readily generate momentum regularly and that the rules are not very limiting in this respect at all.

Thanks, Ehrman, for responding so quickly. Good to hear that it’s not a problem. I haven’t had a chance to play yet, what with all the apocalypse going on and all, LOL. I certainly hope to be able to soon, though, as I’ve really become smitten with the 2d20 ruleset.