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Rolling Effects with Sharp and Fearsome Qualities

Do they inflict 1 or 2 damage? I’m confused because the book says:

“When an effect is rolled a blade inflicts 1 damage to the Injury stress tracker.” (p72)
“When an effect is rolled a firearm inflicts 1 damage to the Fear stress tracker.” (p74)

But also says:
“For each effect rolled the weapon inflicts an additional 1 damage to the Fear stress tracker.” (p71)

It’s just 1 per effect. The blade and firearm sections are just repeating the descriptions of the qualities.

Hmm… Page 46 states that:

An effect adds 1 to the total, and triggers certain abilities, such as weapon qualities and other special conditions.

And in the table below:

= 1 Damage + Effect

It’s possible to roll more than 1 effect. The effect itself counts as a 1 on the die so it’s going to be 1 of whatever the normal damage should be. In addition, those traits of the weapons will add an additional point of damage. If you roll 2 effects that’s like rolling a pair of 1s and you’re going to apply that bonus damage 2 times…

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