A Question about the "Secondary Target" Momentum spend

I ran my first session of The Pit of Kutallu last night, and it was a blast! I really like the way that combat flows in this system. I’m still wrapping my head around the rules, so there are some things that I’m a little foggy on.

One of my players was fighting two slavers and he hit the first one with his shield and triggered an effect. The shield has the Knockdown quality, so he knocked the first one down. Fair enough. He then decided to spend Momentum to hit the next guy with the “Secondary Target” spend. All that one says is that the secondary target is “affected” by the attack and suffers half of the damage from the initial attack, but my question is do effects transfer to the second target? Should they both have been knocked down from the same effect roll?

At the time I ruled that he wouldn’t because the rule only explicitly says that he takes damage. I couldn’t find anything one way or the other in the rules. I’m kind of hung up on the phrase, “also affected by the attack.” Does that mean that both enemies should have been knocked down by a single effect roll? Would he have to roll two effects, spending one to knock down the first guy, then using the other to knock down the second one? Thanks for any clarity you can provide!

I have used it that “affected by the attack” means that the effects rolled also count, but that the damage itself is halved. I tend to err on what makes the combat more exciting for the players.

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Yeah, that’s what I think I should have done in retrospect. Thanks for the reply!

I’ve been GMing that only the damage applies. I don’t think it states that anywhere explicitly in the rules but having had a feel for the system for some time now, effects aren’t generally transferred around. Also, effects that affect other effects? That could get confusing (and very dangerous) fast.

I would lean towards not having effects transfer to a secondary target, unless the player provides a good description, or invents another believable momentum spend to describe how this happens.

I allow the effects because it’s just cooler to knock down three guys in one blow.

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