Robobrains roll out

Got my Robobrains yesterday, all painted up now and ready to rumble.


Look great. Are the arms able to be positioned in different poses?
(Edit) sorry , just rechecked photos. Good, I dislike having multiple minis with the same pose.

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I find the way the brains have been done under the domes just amazing.

I imagine the design discussion (in the fallout universe) around robobrains.

“Hey will we just put a metal panel over the brain containment unit?”.
“No, make it glass people will definitely need to be able to visually inspect the brains.”
“But, why?”
“I said, ‘glass panel’. Get it done.”

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Thanks for the kind words, it took a few layers to get the brains how I wanted them, base coat then a wash mixed with varnish, then another coat, then another layer of wash and varnish and rinse and repeat.

Yeah I imagine the R&D meeting ‘Well we’re going with robobrain, so ya just gotta see the brain!’

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