Red Rocket Discovery scenario balance issue

A buddy and I played a session of the Red Rocket Discovery scenario from Caught in the Crossfire, and a couple of turns in we noticed a pretty big balance issue. The RR is “pointed” so that the garage and pillars run perpendicular to the players’ set up zones. This means that one player has a facing of the garage with 3 easy entrances - including one which is protected from incoming fire, and the other player has one single entrance they have access to. In the diagram below I’ve noted the entrances available for the red and green player.

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 11.40.33 AM

We were using a 3d-printed copy of the Preserved Red Rocket stl, which was gorgeous, but we wanted to highlight the issue so that anyone else playing the same scenario could do so with a more fair setup. Our ideas to fix it are either:

  • Seal off the large entrance with a metal garage door and put debris in the door marked red-1 so that it is difficult terrain (like entering through the windows would be for the green player)
  • Give the green player the ability to get on top of the RR much closer to their deployment zone than the red player, so they can have a similar area which is safer to access
  • Use the Ruined Red Rocket set instead, so that it’s easier to create multiple ingresses and fewer hidey-holes.

The idea behind the scenario is fun, but by the time we realized that the terrain gave one player a massive advantage it was a bit too late to roll back to a more equitable state so we called it.