Mistakes in the Caught in the crossfire campaign

I was translating this campaign and I have found, in p.15, 2nd and 3rd points indicate to put the Computer and Lock markers as shown on the deployment map, but all the markers on the map are Terminal markers, and it does not say anything about the distance from the edges in those points to know if we need to put the generators/levels in the middle or at left.

Edited: I have found, in p.16, the Loose Rubble rule says 5 Health and 2 Physical armor rating, but then, it says to add that amount of Armor boost tokens before resolve any damage, so I suppose there is an errata with that Physical armor icon.
In the same page, the Curated wasteland says Armor: Red Flight Helmet, but it is a Clothing item.
Edited: I have found, in p.19, 2 incoherent paragraphs, below Victory conditions, regarding the first scenario rules. They seem exactly the same as the p.4 paragraphs, after Victory conditions…

Hey @DK-dark

  • Replace the two Computers closest to the left hand side of the board with Lock Markers.
  • I’m unsure if I understand your question about marker placement. The Computers are placed RED + BLACK across from a table corner and then RED down. The Lockpicks are placed RED+RED down from a table corner down and then within YELLOW, as per the scenario map in both instances.
  • Regarding Loose Rubble on p16, the Armor Boost tokens are there to represent the Armor Value of the Loose Rubble.
  • Good spot on the Red Flight Helmet. I’ll get that added to the next errata.
  • The first paragraph on p19 below the Victory Conditions should be removed.

2: It was we could not guess the position of the right markers with the measuring rules to solve the problem, just that.
3: So they are just representative, they are not used as the core rules say about them.

I have found something odd in p.30 too, the suggested terrain has an added paragraph from the first scenarios regarding the crash site, so I think this is a typo.
Also, the 3rd point in the battlefield set-up says “place 4 orange-sized terrain to form the inner facility walls”, but it seems the inner facility walls are the yellow corners at the middle of the battlefield, because later it says “place the markers in the inner side of these walls”. Maybe it refers to the 4 orange little walls at the center (should it be “inside the inner walls”?), but then it does not explain anything about the inner facility or the yellow walls/corners at green distance between each other.
Maybe is lacking some information and needs some point more there or the named colour/explanation about inner walls and inner facility is wrong.

Edited: P.32 Set-up, 1st point says “place a cargo ship in contact and parallel with a board edge”, but in the map appears at Yellow distance from the edge (I think the map is right).
3rd point says “at the end of the walkway”, but it should be “at the end of the harbor”, as said in the previous page, in the “Harbor” rules, and because walkways are different things in this scenario. Maybe is intended, but because the scenarios usually have a really good and full description to avoid confusion (thanks!), this one is missing some description about the walkways (size). I know you can see that on the map, it is just an aclaration with the 4th point.
The Curated Wasteland description is exactly the same from the p.30 (a robot factory), instead of an abandoned harbor/unexplored cargo ships…

Hey @DK-dark

  • Page 30, Terrain Pack Suggestions: Remove ‘… for the debris that surrounds the crash site’.
  • Page 30, Battlefield Set Up, Bullet Point 3: Slight issue with the map not lining up with original scenario instructions here. The orange walls are meant to be placed on the line of the middle deployment zone and the yellow lines surrounding the tokens there are meant to be walls also. Replace entirely with ‘Place 4 Orange-sized pieces of terrain, each one placed Yellow from the centre of the board. There should be one of these pieces facing each table edge, with space for models to pass around each one. These are central facility walls. These are Impassable to models. Place 4 Yellow by Yellow pieces of terrain, Green from the centre of the board and Green away from each other. These are the inner facility walls. These are impassable to models.’
  • Page 32, Battlefield Set Up, Bullet Point 1: Replace first sentence with ‘Place a cargo ship as the map suggests’.
  • Page 32, Battlefield Set Up, Bullet Point 3: Change ‘walkway’ to ‘harbor’.
  • Page 32, Battlefield Set Up, Bullet Point 4: Add the following to the end of this bullet point ‘These walkways are always Orange in width and vary in length, depending on their location on the map’.
  • Page 32, Curated Wasteland description: Replace with the following - ‘The Curated Wasteland reflects a harbor’.