Random Thought About Settlement Mode

Last night I got to thinking it might be fun to build a Super Mutant settlement, when a random thought struck me. Since SM’s have meat bags instead of crop fields, what do they use water pumps for. (Narratively speaking of course)

I guess they use it for putting in their giant cooking pots, but I’ve never thought about it before… I mean, surely they have to drink, don’t they? :confused:

They need it for the cows.

Thirsty cows can’t produce the Milk of Human Kindness, after all.


Wouldn’t SM’s be more likely to drink from any mud puddle or pond than to dig a well and pump water? Guess I’ll rename it to ‘watering hole’. Wait doesn’t Milk of Human Kindness come from hummies not moo-cows!?! LOL

Mostly a nice hot bath at the end of the day.

Now I need to give one of my Muties a rubber duckie. :rofl:

This came up for me recently too. Wish there were alternative settlements for SM’s and Raiders too

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Reskinning it as a watering hole sounds like a good idea. You could model it as a pond with a brahma standing udder deep in the middle of it.