Raiding Settlements when playing with Settlements

Settlement mode, thoughts, ideas, and advice.

We’re talking about starting Settlement Mode the next time we play, so we’re starting to really dig through the settlement rules. In doing so, I’ve been rolling around some ideas that I wanted to run past the community for two reasons: 1. So you guys can poke holes in my ideas if I’m doing something stupid. and 2. To share some potential house rules with anyone who might be interested in them.

We’re thinking about making 2 or more settlements each, choosing our favorite factions to use for our settlements.

New Structure:
Cost: 250
Details: Excluding your leader, each House allows you to take one additional character who is either Unique or has a base value above 75 points. (This would include any named character, or powerful characters like the Behemoth, Paladin, Veteran Raider, etc.)
Requires: 1 Power, 1 Water
NOTE: You can change the name to reflect your faction if you’d like.

Updated Items:
Robots and Turrets:
For every structure you own, you may take up to 25 points worth of Robots and Turrets in any combination. These are in addition to your normal force. Equipment, weapons, perks, or anything else may be applied to these as part of your normal force cost. The settlement owner must place two terminals somewhere in their settlement, no close than BLUE to each other. These terminals can be hacked. The first terminal hacked will shut down all turrets and robots. The second allows the attacking player to designate new targets (Turn them on their owners.)

The settlement owner may take any number of obstacles they want when setting up the map. These items include but are not limited to: Barricades and other forms of cover. Anything the settlement owner feels will be helpful. For every three obstacles used (Rounded up) the attacking force may choose one hazard. Hazards may include radioactive barrels, explodeable cars, or anything else they think may be helpful. The attacking force may take two barricades instead of a hazard if they prefer.

Raiding Settlements:
Setup comes in three stages when attacking a settlement. Stage 1: The settlement owner places any structures related to their settlement. 2. The raiding player places all hazards on the table as they see fit. No hazard should be closer than RED to one another OR the edge of the playing area. 3. The settlement owner places all barricades and cover they have as they see fit. This includes terminals if you have robots or terminals. Last thing the settlement owner does is place the Stash.

The settlement owner may then designate a single side of the table that the raiding player may NOT attack from. After all structures and terrain is placed, troop placement happens as normal.

The Stash:
The stash is an objective that the settlement owner places after the table is completely set up. This is your cap stash, and the objective of the raiding player. If the raiding player is able to acquire the cap stash, and exit the map with it, those caps are then transferred to their settlement.

The settlement owner places the search markers on the table. There should be at minimum one for every item stored in Maintenance Shed. Items stored in Maintenance Sheds become their own search deck during play.

A settlement must be in a minimum of two scenarios between raids. Those scenarios include raiding other settlements. These stored items are lost to the settlement owner if the raiding player draws them.

Anyone have any thoughts or comments to share? Ideas for doing things better? Their own house rules that might be interesting to add? I’d love to hear what everyone has to say.

@robhistory Since we were talking about this the other day, and I told you I’d tag you in it when I posted it in the community, here it is! I’ve refined a few things since we originally talked about it and would love to hear your thoughts. I THINK I covered everything here that we’ve talked about before?


Not sure if this will work or not but…

How about a randomiser for the defender to see who is actually present in the settlement at the time of the raid? So you only start with, say, 60% of your force on the table with the extra 40% coming on as reinforcements over the next few turns?

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Or give your side up to 50% defences and the rest is spent on troops starting with what was not used in your last game (If you are tracking your guys individually)

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This is initial thoughts on the rules for this. And as all home brew rules go, they’re subject to play testing and appropriate modification.

Info: That’s an interesting idea, but it would be difficult to implement. To randomize who is and isn’t present, you’d have to track every character living in your settlement That said, if you track your adventure parties, it would be fairly simple to have that group “return” to the settlement 1d3 or 1d4 turns into play.

Badger: That plays a bit into what I just said above too. There’s potential to be able to include elements, or the entirety, of your fighting force from the previous game if you wanted.

It might be a few days before I can play test all of this, but I figure the first couple of plays, the rules will be per the original post (Unless someone points out something that needs adjustment.) and after that I might try throwing a monkey wrench into it by dividing forces or similar.

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Oh sure, that wasn’t meant as a must have addition. That’s why I wasn’t sure if it would work or not. I just thought of it as a way to reflect the “Help protect xxxx settlement” radiant quests that show up in Fallout 4. In fact show up fairly constantly… :wink:

I’ll be interested in seeing the BatRep when you playtest :+1:

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LOL, Now I want to make a quest card, “Another settlement needs your help.” just to trigger these kinds of fights.


One day I’m going to have a playthrough of FO4 and just ignore Preston and leave him in the museum, it’s going to be soooo much quieter :laughing:


I’ve done that. It’s wonderful. Only major downside it is affects your ability to settle the Castle.

Other times I’ve played, I’ve set up a small settlement somewhere, some place with a single little hut, couple of crops, tiny bit of water and a couple of turrets, . . . . . make him live the life of a hermit as punishment for his constant annoyance…

The game I’m playing right now, I’m around level 60, just prepping to enter the glowing sea for the first time, and have given the museum some space (Killed the raiders from a distance) so I don’t have to worry about triggering the initial quest to help.

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I do that till after I’ve done the Nukaworldexpansion to 100%


Far Harbor is arguably the best Fallout DLC for any game as far as quality and quantity of content. But Nuka World is hands down my favorite just for the fun factor. I’m actually just prepping for going there in my current game. I think this time around I’m just going to run the gauntlet then wipe out the raiders before enjoying the park at my leisure.


I think I can live without the Castle if it means living without Preston’s constant demands! I should do a Minuteman run at some point but Preston just puts me off.
I loved Far Harbour, you might be right on that one. Haven’t done the raider ending of Nukaworld yet, another thing I need to get round to one day :slight_smile:

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I set the Castle up as my personal home the first couple of times I played through the game. Since then I tend to just set up at the Red Rocket and just build it up as the Minutemen home base. But then, I tend to try building every settlement, making it look lived in and all that.

With Nuka World, it can actually play out a couple of different ways. Depending on choices, the Raider clans can actually turn on each other and put a different spin on the Raider endings. It’s worth playing the Raider path just for the story.

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I moslty use the Red Rocket, although Starlight Drive In is a another favourite. I’m thinking of trying Hangmans Alley as a more central personal home next time around.

I’ll have to give the Raider run through a go, see how it plays out :slight_smile:

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Checked out the Sim Settlements mod?

Nope? That offer some good ideas that could be applied to this?

It’s a mod that self builds Settlements based on lots assignments and you can also use city plans. Was mostly thinking for people like Info_Overlord who want organic looking Settlements in Fallout 4. Lots of ideas associated with it for potential mining though, particularly the various kinds of businesses.


Just pinging this so it’s easier to find since it came up in another thread.

@Alaiteir This is the thread I was mentioning. Mostly it’s house rules and such. Hope you find something useful.


Awesome, thankyou! Raiding settlements to steal caps is a really neat idea, and I like the extra structure ideas too

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So for the start of my settlement mode campaign, I was wanting to have a really stripped down start (Sole Survivor day 1, 10mm pistol, no companions) to emulate having just left the vault so I could then ‘level up’ as the campaign goes on.

Since I don’t have Preston or Codsworth to try and do the typical beginning to Fo4, I was instead thinking of running a couple of scenarios that contained neutral settlers scattered throughout (as well as a few ai enemies, things to loot, and so on). If I go up to them and pass a charisma check, then I can convince them to join my settlement and next match I can take a settler as well as just Nora.

Any thoughts or other ideas for ‘early game’ scenarios would be appreciated :slight_smile:


How about a variation on the “Give Sheffield a Nuka Cola” method of recruiting settlers? So you can either pass a charisma check or find some item which convinces them you’re worth following?