Published Adventures - Order?

I’m organizing the PDFs from DriveThruRPG (That’s $160 worth of bundled love) and my first question, since I’m new to STA, is…

What order should I put all of these into in a combined “STA Mega Book”?

Then I can tightly print them and find a way to fit them nicely into my super cute Borg Cube.

They weren’t published in any particular order, so I guess do the TOS era ones first, then the TNG ones. Alphabetically, maybe?

I haven’t read through the rules yet (still getting organized). I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a “level order” or anything I would want to know.


You might want to know that there are virtually no ‘levels’ in STA, since Player Character advancement is very slow on a vertical level. Most of the time, when players increase an ability on their character’s sheet, they decrease another, keeping a balance. So, abilities are ‘shifted’, horizontally. In some instances, they can increase/add an abilitiy without decreasing another, raising something vertically. This is done by the ‘milestones’ system.

You can find some discussions about this within this very forum, one semi-random link would go to this thread, discussion milestones and the ‘reputation’ system (including promotions and – hopefully not! :wink: – demotions of characters) and to this thread, addressing the point of the milestone-system sometimes favouring active players a bit over quiet ones.

Thus, episodes that are ‘too hard’ or ‘too easy’ for characters (like e.g. D&D’s Temple of Elemental Evil would probably not so much suited for 1st-level-characters) should not be a thing in STA. I think that’s great, by the way. :slight_smile: One does not need to think about any specific order. :slight_smile:

But there is something, called the Living Campaign. I haven’t played it myself, yet, but I think with these missions it’s a little bit different. These, I’d play in order like ordered on the website linked above.

This is to say, you definetly can throw other missions in. The user @SSiron did this with his plans of a campaign they graciously shared with us in the forums. So it seems to work.

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Thanks! That’s exactly the information I needed.

I’ve been running games since the early 80s, the last few years I’ve been running the Fate system (which has no “levels” and skill advancement is a slow, gradual curve) so that makes perfect sense to me.

The advancement system is somewhat similar to Fate, yes.