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Prodos Games Loses Mutant Chronicles License

As you may have heard, Prodos games have lost the license for Mutant Chronicles Warzone. In the short term, this will lead to a drought for those of us who quite like to use miniatures. In the longer term, I am concerned about what this means for the Modiphius game.

Do you think there is any immediate danger of Modiphius losing the license for Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition?

They won’t. They take care of the license in a good way, compared to Prodos. Just look at the (stupid) aesthetics of WZ:R… Many things that do not look and feel right. I am certain that they had some ideas too crazy for Cabinet’s wishes, and which is why they lost the license.


No need to worry. The Mutant Chronicle 3 license is safely in our hands for the foreseeable future.


Hmmm… It’s a wild speculation but… since Modiphius made 2 skirmish/wargames (Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics and Fallout Wasteland Warfare) there might be a little hope that the MC wargame will have a new home here?

It would be interesting to see Blood Berets and Fury of the Clansmen return as well.
in the same style of the upcoming 2nd Edition of MC: Siege of the Citadel.

There was a Swedish magazine called “Sinkadus” (Symmetry) that in 1993-1995 added new content.

  • For Blood Berets, it Added Praetorian Stalker and stat cards

  • For Siege of the Citadel, it also added Praetorian Stalkers, a new Tile “9”
    the Brotherhood as a Corporation Faction unique equipment.
    and 2 Additional missions (one of which uses the Dark Symmetry Cards from Blood Berets).

  • For Fury of the Clansmen, it added a new Tile “11” several cards and 7 new Teams
    The Huge mission that uses Tiles from Fury of the Clansmen and Siege of the Citadel (18 Tiles)
    3 Brother hood Squads (Inquisitors, Mortificators, Valkyries)
    A Bauhaus Squad, A Legion squad, and Cardinal Dominic (Durand) and Alakhai.

The additional figures was lend from the original Warzone tabletop game.

I have been thinking about perhaps getting into making a fan-made new edition of Fury of the Clansmen. There are figures (though they are now going extinct from Prodos at least), and the tiles wouldn’t be superhard to remake.

Well. It’s good to hear that the MC license is safe for the time being. But, do we have any idea when something new is going to happen with the license?

Don’t be surprised if you see Modiphius do something with Fury of the Clansmen. I just hope it incorporates the turn system from Fury (3 actions of any type, instead of 1 move + 1 attack), and the other things that Fury added to the system.

And with the optional conversion rules for the RPG to Siege and visa versa, I think it wouldn’t be too hard to make a Blood Berets scenario. Just need the terrain rules for the jungle and the tunnels.

From there, I think there’d be a good start for a grid based table top miniatures battle rule system that could evolve to be capable of running any MC themed battles. All it would need is optional rules for gridless play.

And then the question becomes: who will make minis for Modiphius?