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Point Buy System

Hey Guys!

I have a question according the Point Buy System:

When i choose this option do i have to spend life points or can i still roll the dice? for example, when i am supposed to roll on the faction table, can i still roll or do i have to pay with this option enabled?
I am asking, cause in the character creator you have to pay.

Thanks in advance!


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If you’re building a character with full point buy, then you have to choose and pay for every choice.


Hi, sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I thought it might be better than creating a new one. I’d also like to ask a couple of things concerning the point buy system:

Does this also apply to the tables where spending a point does not grant a choice, but only a re-roll? I’m speaking specifically of birth faction / education / career events. I use the point buy system exclusively, but my players love how these random events help flesh their characters out in directions they didn’t think of. If they’re unhappy with their results, I allow them to spend a point on a re-roll. Does that go against the rules?

Also, the point buy system states that ‘any leftover points are lost and may not be traded for assets, skills or Chronicle Points at the end of the character creation’. My interpretation is that the leftover points may still be traded for Traits. Is that correct?

I’m asking because my players walk around this rule by learning the character generation process by heart, calculating how many points they’ll need to develop the exact character they want (sparing some points on event tables), then investing the leftover points ‘at the start of character creation’. I gratefully allow it since it lets them develop the characters they’re happy with. It tends to produce characters with a pretty strong Trait line, though - some of their characters are left over with as many as 5 extra Life points. I don’t resent it by any stretch, but I wonder whether it goes against the rules.

Thank you in advance!

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That’s fine.

If memory serves, that’s correct.

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Sorry, you couldn’t buy traits. If you got no traits during generation, you get one trait for free.
Traits are gained through event rolled or through the game played.
So any points are lost at the end of character generation.

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