Purchasing additional equipment at character generation

On p71 of the corebook (Decision 9, Step 5), it states that “You may spend your Assets to immediately purchase additional equipment” - but I can’t seem to find out how to do so. Any pointers to what I’m overlooking?

(I’ve got an academic/criminal/hacker of Ariadnan origin who would quite like to acquire a Geist for their comlog before the start of play.)

“Acquisitions” Page 328, rules for how to buy items and equipment.
Geist price table can be found on Page 351, under “Example Geists Table”.
I hope this helps.

I can really recommend buying decent Geist upgrades, as the stats a Geist has after character creation are on the lowest possible end. Such “bare bones” Geists for characters who have decades of life experiences does not fit well - so I usually recommend buying up your Geist’s abilities before even starting play.

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“Acquisitions” Page 328, rules for how to buy items and equipment.

Cheers! Afraid I’d read through that several times before getting to the point of posting. There’s nothing specifically in there about spending Assets directly to immediately purchase equipment.

Does that mean that purchases immediately post-generation use the same extended availability check and cost check purchase process as in-adventure purchases? And that the rules on p331 need to be used to convert Assets to Cashflow in order to use them for purchases?

The wording of the sentence on p71 seems to suggest that there is an alternative Asset-based purchase system for pre-adventure purchases, which is why I was asking Modiphius for confirmation.

The wording in the character creation chapter seems to be a remnant of an older version of the acquisition rules - probably as they were used in Mutant Chronicles, where you can actually pay for equipment by spending assets.
In Infinity you would need to spend assets for “money management” after suffering hits to the Cashflow stat or suffering shortfalls.


Ah! That would explain it. (And would also explain why I had a vague recollection that I had seen something, but couldn’t find it!)