12 LP Character Creation and raising 8 attributes

Hello! Is there anybody out there? A rule question here
In the Summary of Lifepath decisions - decision one, in the Core rules, page 35, the text states “Options to spend one to eight Life points to raise one to eight Attributes.”
How would that be possible while adhearing to the rules in the Optional Point Buy system-box at the same page? The text there reads: “This should be an all or nothing change - all players either generate characters randomly or use Point Buy.” If raising 8 Attributes, there would not be enough Lifepoints to go all Point Buy with a character, as far as I can understand. It would be interesting to hear from someone who knows how this is supposed to work.

Of course, house rules is always an option; in our gruop, we tend to use 12 point buy option when making characters, but since it only allows for two career paths, we use a combination of point buy and dice rolls. The players are free to choose when to use the points and when they should roll the dice. In the end there are usually no Lifepoints left at the end anyway. This way players can go for four careers if they so choose.

If you spend too many Life-Points on Attribute Increases you don’t have enough points to even make it to the two Career phases.
This variant of the character creation is broken in this regard.

I do not allow adding to Attributes using the 12 Life-Point method at all, to avoid this problem.

In general, though, I usually only allow the random plus 5 Life-Point method in the campaigns I run.

I suspected it had to be broken, but good to get it confirmed… and nice to see that the forum
isn´t abandoned!

Not at all. Mutant Chronicles is still my second favorite 2d20 RPG (the favorite is Infinity).
It is a great setting and - despite all the flaws in this first incarnation of the 2d20 rules - I had many years of great campaigns with MC3 and hope to have some more in the future.

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