Point Buy Character Creation Option

The GM can allow the Point Buy Character Creation (PBCC) which gives 12 Life Points, which is enough to make choices at each step without rolling. Also rolling is generally not done.

However, there is no rule that prevents you from purchasing additional attribute points in Step One: Birth Host. There, you can spend Life Points to increase your Attributes. In normal character creation, I imagine you will likely spend 1 or 2 Life Points, but using PBCC you can spend all 12 points! But what happens then?

When using the Infinity Character Creator, when you spend all 12 points on Attributes, it defaults to rolling on tables. However, I do not think that is what is intended by the PBCC (and is certainly not in the spirit of it).

What do you think? Could a player spend all 12 points to increase Attributes?

Using the Point-Buy method you get to choose where using the standard character creation you would roll on some tables.

Using Point-Buy, you MUST choose - that means you MUST pay Lifepoints for each and every table in the lifepath, that you don’t roll for.

Spending a lot of points on Attributes means that your character might - at most - only get one or maybe two terms in a career. That lets him end up with quite a lack in skills and talents as well as in equipment.

Considering that especially rank 3 or 4 and 5 for signature skills are quite expensive to learn using XP, starting with low skill values and high attributes almost always is the worse choice. Many talents require Expertise 2 or better, so making buying up skill ranks necessary to get access to those talents.

High attributes are only of a very basic usefulness, skills are what you are rolling your tests against, focus makes your Infinity points powerful and Talents make the actual difference in competency.

So as a GM I’d let players spend as many Lifepoints on their attributes as they want - if they particularly want to start with a very inexperienced and incompetent youngster, they may.

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Yes, that is exactly the issue. Characters can spend 12 Infinity Points to raise Attributes at Step One, but then they don’t have any points left over to choose from any tables. This essentially means character creation is over.

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Yes. Then character creation for this high-attribute character is over. A character, who is very young and does not know a thing. - If that is what the player wants, so be it.

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Fair enough.