Newbie question: quick character creations rules,

I am wondering if there are any simple quick character creation rule (much like Fallout RPG)

Searching a bit I found this useful post:
Unofficial Rules FAQ, Sorcery Cheat Sheet, and big list of links! - Conan: Adventures In an Age Undreamed Of / FAQ - Modiphius Forums

But this doesn’t say… what’s the maximum value of an attribute at creation? (14 I guess?)
Also… 62 seems high, I could have 7,7,7,14,14,13, is that right?

62 is the right number for character attributes to total to. 14 is max if you have a 13 or 14 you have the ancient bloodline talent.

The 2 PDFs on the Conan Downloads page are bit more updated than the ones in the link you posted

Conan Downloads (


thanks Jay

Forgot to mention that the character generation rules are meant to make larger than life character. You can use the optional Shadows of the Past rule which lower starting attributes to 6 and lower the Max attribute to 12 if you want a more gritty game with weaker characters.

At first I liked the character creation system. Now I see It bring nothing to the game

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