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Please tell me what you all think of this Caitian Helm officer i created for a mini-campaign i am creating in particular I am wondering if I created good Values or if they could use some work


Miz’uki Helmswoman.pdf (111.4 KB)

@TheDefiantPirate I think what you have put together for values looks good save for some minor editing errors:

“The Crew is my pride, I will get them home!” misuses a comma. Either make it two separate sentences with a period terminating both or use a semicolon between the two independent clauses.

“Take care of the ship and she will always bring you home home.” should have the redundant home deleted.

“Aventure is around the next star” has Adventure spelled incorrectly.

Beyond that, the only thing I notice is that “Starship maintenance” under Focuses should have the M- in maintenance capitalized to maintain consistency with the other focuses.

As an editor, these were the things that stuck right out at me upon review. As with any replies (and generally applied to advice), take what you like and leave the rest. :grinning:

Thank you so much @Sparky I will make those changes I am working on an Engineering character as well She will probably end up as the Assistant Chief Engineer

In the mean time here is the ship that we will be rolling with I added a couple extra Talents to the ship Because I am basing it loosely off an STO ship and this campaign is supposed to be more of a Help me become a better GM (in preperation to become a GM on a Star Trek Roleplay club i am a part of) as well as just for fun plus i doubt its really that OP

USS Gettysburg.pdf (99.5 KB)

@TheDefiantPirate Okay, more editor corrections. :slight_smile:

Space Frame: Variant rather than Veriant
Traits: ** Without** not With Out: it is a single word
Launch Bay: Shuttlecraft: you are missing the -h-
Talents: Laboratories: missing the letter -o-
Talents: Diplomatic Suites: missing the letter -e-

Also in Talents, you have a comma after Quantum Torpedoes but I don’t know if that is just an oversight or if you intend to add something more after the torpedoes, so it might be appropriate. :wink:

I hope this helps. If you have more you wish me to review, just say the word.

@Sparky Thank you again I will let you know

@TheDefiantPirate Always glad to help. :grinning:

@Sparky Ok Last one for the night :stuck_out_tongue:

Tallith Sh’Zoarhi.pdf (111.0 KB)

@TheDefiantPirate Ask and ye shall receive. . .:grinning:

Focuses: Jury**-**Rigging should not be hyphenated as it is two separate words: Jury Rigging.

Values: If I can’t Fix it; Its not worth my time! This one is riddled with minor errors. It should read as, If I Can’t Fix it, It’s Not Worth My Time! Notice the capitalization changes as they are implemented to make the Value consistent with the rest of the Values and the document as a whole. Also, in this case, it is the semicolon that is used incorrectly as a comma is appropriate in this sentence. Further, Its should be It’s since this is a contraction of It is rather than the possessive pronoun Its.

Values: Live Every Day like it is you’re last! This one also has a few errors: it should read as, Live Every Day Like It Is Your Last. In this Value, the capitalization needs to be made consistent once again but, unlike the one I edited just above, you do want the possessive pronoun rather than the contraction here. As such, you want your rather than you’re (you are).

Weapons: Phaser type-2 should be Phaser Type-2 (for consistency) and there is a comma after Charge that may or may not be appropriate. It depends on whether something is added to the qualities after Charge. If not, the comma needs to be thrown to the trash can. :grinning:

That’s all I see for now. As always, Editor-in-Chief Sparky is at your service. :laughing:

My favorite flight controller:
race: human
talents: spirit of discovery, cautious conn, veteran, fly by
with a good value for going in the unknown and another one for rough times(fight and or environmental hazards)
Your role in the group: filling momentum pool at the start of the game, or when it goes too low in rough times
. Veteran gives you a chance to re-gain it and doing this again
fly by is versatile and helps also if you have to pilot and fire with a Danube class.

For the engineer:

  • Meticulous is one of the worst talent ever, because time is always what you lack the most

  • favorite race bolian (born near a warp core) or rigelian chelon (chelon shell)( tellarite(incisive scrutiny). Trill (joined is very useful)

  • cautious engineering (for re-roll)

  • Testing a theory(since most of the time your first task is a diagnostic, apply to repair) works for Engineering and Science

  • In the nick of time, is very powerful for ext tasks works for Engineering and Science
    A fourth talent, racial or theory into practice or miracle worker

  • use the chief engineering power to ignore first complication or gain a re-roll

  • war field dynamics

  • transporters and replicators

  • ancient artifacts (always useful)

  • Tactical ship systems

  • shields (for boosting shields) if your gm counts shiels in tactical shipboard systems go for Impulse engines

  • Electro-Plasma Power Systems (for generating power)
    Asap add a grazerite support character with collaboration engineering and communal for focuses you don’t have.

  • Personnal effects (signal enhancer, antigrav back pack) can be useful

Thanks @betatester I will probably switch out Meticulous then for something else These are going to end up as NPC characters in the game I will be running so I want them to be equal to the player characters which means they need to be as good as possible While still being my own interesting characters (IE Being the Caitian and Andorian respectfully

I understand your interest for Caitian . In this case add an Athletics focus and go for the tail. There will be many opportunities to climb, crawl, keep balance or use a supplementary hand. For the andorian add a melee combat focus