Player’s and Gamemaster’s Guides

I preordered them at a German Online Shop who is not partnered up with Bits & Mortar and wrote to Modiphius, showed them the Invoice of the shop and got the PDFs withhin a few hours.

Modiphius policy and service is awesome.


Hawt dayum I need me one of those dice trays sir! That tricorder is immense!

So all 3 items arrived here yesterday. Yup Happy Valentines Day to me from Modiphius!!!

The finish and feel of these products is next level. My OH was very impressed by the faux leather/Leatherette strap for the Tricorder set as the “gumph” said material. It looks very swish.

Love the Kirk dice and now I have 5 sets of 5 dice (Command, Sciences, Operations, Klingon & Kirk). I’d need 2 more starter sets to have a full set of those too.


Glad you got your stuff! The d20s in the starter set were generic d20s; I wouldn’t collect those unless you really wanted to. :slight_smile:

Wait the tricorder set came!!! We need pictures!

I just received both guides and they are really amazing. Kudos to all parties involved in creation, and especially for Jim for making it happen.
For me these are very important and essential additions to Core books. It is great to see the next level of thinking about describing the system, preparing both GM and players to have better gaming experience.

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I just picked them up in PDF on the GM’s day sale… there’s a lot of non-rules content overlap between the two. The new character options are interesting… I can’t say good or bad, but definitely allows for a much wider range of characters.

Astronut, we have a 3D printing stall in grand old Pontypool, population <30,000, I’m sure Brighton has at least one!

If they don’t, or even if they do, it might be worth checking out they do 3D printing at reasonable prices in both FDM (plastic, cheaper but lower res, still good for dice trays etc) and resin (more expensive but higher res, a must for minis), as well as a heavier duty plastic. They do instant quotes, postage and pretty good prices compared to elsewhere. I’ve not used them, but they may be what you need.

I’d do it for you, but I have resin printer and that’s quite expensive for what you want it for. You want FDM. Plus, you know, Wales.

I ordered my physical copies of both the Player’s Guide and the GM’s Guide back on January 1 and still haven’t received them yet. (It’s Order #US6590.) I was told to expect them in late March, and I even purchased the Tracking Shipment option, but I don’t know how to track my package from the Modiphius website (assuming that it’s even in the mail yet).

Any suggestions?

Wait until late March? :smiley: :wink:

(Sorry, could not resist. Maybe write support an email?)

PG and GMG are in a container on a boat somewhere outside NYC, waiting for a spot to open so they can unload shipping containers. From there they’ll get on a truck or train from NYC to Michigan. Likely that the warehouse will get the books late March, after which it’ll head into distribution. Hard to say atm. All of this is out of Modiphuis’s control. We’re at the whims of the supply chain.

If I had to guess, early April would be more realistic for delivery of these books. Just a guess, tho.

Really appreciate everyone’s patience.


There’s a full-blown war going on “less then 10 hours by car” away. I consider myself very lucky that I have enough brain capacity to actually think of TTRPG books, right now. :slight_smile:

Patient, we shall be.


I appreciate the offer and the advice from everyone else, but to be honest, I’m not that bothered :smiley:

I like the design, but I need something with a lot more capacity - so i’ll stick with my “Starfleet GM Toolkit” for now!

Yeah, I have the PDFs to read so I’m content to wait another month for the physical books to arrive. As long as I know they’re on their way, I don’t mind waiting however long it takes to get the physical books on my shelf with my other physical STA books. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Now mid April… any updates on the Guides for those in the US?

Hi all, head’s up that it looks like the distributor in the US has the PG and GMG in hand and will start sending out preorder and new order copies in the next week or two. Some local stores may be getting shipments direct from Impressions as well, so it’s possible some stores will get copies before preorder customers (we don’t control what distributors do with copies once they get them).

If you have any questions about your order(s), reach out to Thanks!


Just ordered the books for physical delivery and I got a pdf, as is the standard for Modiphius (which I should add is awesome from you guys). I opened the pdfs and glanced through the outline and some sections and yeah, I can’t wait till it comes into my hands so I can read it in its entirety. (Physical is easier to focus on and enjoy then pdf.)

Just wanted to say thumbs up on the product!


Thanks! Hope you enjoy the reads. I think you’ll love the print editions.

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The one thing I do find a bit off putting is the repeat of the same material in both books. Usually Players and GM guides cover different material because the assumption is that the GM probably has both books. The material in question is interesting and useful but I have it twice which is a bit weird.

So, looking further, it seems to be around 50 pages and the first two chapters. That upon chapter 3 the focus shifts. That there is a similar theme - so both books cover history in chapter 3 for example - but how it gets covered is on point for who is reading it. I like that.

I should mention, so that this doesn’t seem super negative, that I really like “The Facts About Star Trek” and “The Ten Aspects of Star Trek Adventurers”. Both have really nifty elements that, when followed, help to make a game of STA feel like Star Trek. And that is important. I also really liked the tech and culture material, very informative and useful.

So yeah, kudos to that.


Totally finished reading both books and loved them.

I’m not actively running a game right now but I totally think all the rules explanation stuff in GM Guide would be super useful to provide additional advice, information, explanation, etc. I

The player’s guide had lots of super cool stuff too. The character types and lifepaths and disciplines and aptitudes and talents were all really good.

I LOVED the Play Styles chapter in both books, espeically how they were the same but different. So cool. So useful. So fun. Makes me want to develop a space station based game - honestly, I got lots of ideas throughout it.

The section, and its short, that has me going “I hope we have more of this in the future” was in the Talents section and was the Esoteric Talents. I am super into the potentail of the Augmented trait and also the various Psychic traits and hope that at some point we get a Psychic Book. I’m actually ‘sad’ that Talents are limited because I would love to have a playable character be an augmented psychic prodigy.

Anyway, good stuff. Well worth it. The advice, descriptions, explanations, and such are fun and useful. Well worth adding to the STA collection.